We work for you, not the banks.

Retirement Planning

Preparing for retirement? We're the team you can count on.

Time for the next big thing?

The kids have finished school and are almost on their way out the door. That mortgage is almost completely paid off. And now, it’s time to set your eyes on the next big thing: retirement. Whether you’re planning to become a grey nomad, retire in place, or you’re feeling so unprepared that you don’t have a retirement plan, we can help.

Our financial planners work with people to achieve their financial goals every day. When it comes to retirement? Some big planning is necessary to ensure security, comfort, and freedom for you.

Plan your retirement with the independent advisers

At Brand Financial, we pride ourselves on being independent financial advisers. We don’t take commission, payment, or referral fees from any institutions or products we recommend to you. It means that when you partner with us for your retirement planning, you’ll receive unbiased advice that’s genuinely in your best interest. We care about your success and delivering the retirement you’ve been working for.

Retirement planning is about the strategy, not the products. These are just the ingredients.

Think of your retirement plan as a good recipe. The quality of each ingredient is important, but it’s more important that you choose the right ingredients and find the perfect mix. That’s exactly what Brand Financial does.


Now that you are approaching retirement, your super strategy can no longer be set-and-forget. Your super portfolio needs to be prepared to provide an income in retirement.


You may not have reached financial independence and still need insurance. But as you near retirement, your insurance becomes expensive. We’ll look at your current cover and provide recommendations as you sail into retirement.

Income and Living Expenses

Retirement is all about providing you with an income so you can enjoy life. Understanding how to structure that income and knowing how much you can spend so that it lasts is crucial.

Tax planning

We have an in-house accountant who’s here to help you plan the most tax-effective retirement possible through tax-saving super strategies and thoughtful, personalised advice.

We're here to achieve your goals

What's your retirement vision? That's what we'll plan for.

As financial advisers, we love that our work has a direct impact on our clients’ goals. So, when you come to us for your retirement planning, we’ll get to know you and find out all about your personal retirement goals. Whether it’s a travel plan, a sea change, or a desire to stay in the same place all your loved ones are, we’ll help you make it happen.

Three financial advisors gathered around a screen to discuss financial aspect of business in an office.
The Perks

Why choose Brand Financial for your retirement planning?

We work for you, not the banks.

You can feel confident in the products and strategies we recommend. We're independent, so when it comes to choosing super and investments, our only incentive is to recommend what's right for you.

We're setting a new benchmark

We've been at the forefront of financial and retirement planning since our establishment more than a 10 years ago. Our team is always improving and progressing.

The partners to create a secure retirement for you.

No matter what your retirement goals are, we know security is at the centre. We become your partner in your retirement plan, supporting you along the way.

We care about your goals

It's your retirement and you deserve to do all the things you spent your career dreaming of. We care about your goals, in fact, we make them our goals too.

Have a question about retirement planning?

This depends on the retirement you’d like to live and where your life is at. 

Say you are in your mid-60s and healthy, then a good rule of thumb is to save 20 to 25 times your annual living expenses. 

For example:

If you would like $70,000 p.a. to live on, you will need to have saved approximately $1.4 to $1.75mill by your mid-60s. This amount assumes you will live off of income and investment returns but also spend your capital over time. 

This rule of thumb is general advice and a basic calculation. You might have other factors to consider, such as the need for aged care or support, or you may want to ensure you leave money to your estate.

No. Our job is to put ourselves in your position and set up your accounts, investments, or other assets with companies and investment managers that we would recommend if we were taking your retirement journey ourselves.

Everything will be in your name only and, in some cases, we may be listed as the “servicing adviser”. Taking the role of your registered adviser, we can oversee administration and adjustments to your portfolio but we cannot move any money out of your account into another account.

We can set up transfers of money, but only you can approve and execute the transfer. You will never be asked to transfer money into any account other than your own.

Yes. You will not be investing or directing any money to our company – we will simply recommend a suitable investment for your retirement. You will be able to log in at any time and see your super or investments. You can withdraw money from your portfolio at any time too, however this may be subject to superannuation rules.

As independent advisers, we only take payment directly from our clients and take no other forms of income from any source. This means we do not take or accept commission from products (like insurance or superannuation) or banks and we do not accept payments for referring you to other professionals.

When you partner with Brand Financial for your retirement planning, you’ll pay an annual flat fee for our ongoing advice and service. We do charge a one-off fee when you start working with us, to establish your plan.

We do not charge asset-based fees (a % of your portfolio).

On top of all of that? We quote all fees upfront before you start working with us – so there are no surprises.

Nothing. Our initial meeting with you is all about seeing if we’re a good fit for each other  – so we don’t charge you for this stage.

Yes, if you live more than an hour away from Brisbane, we can chat via video call. If you are within an hour’s travel time from our offices in Brisbane, we do ask you to meet us in person and take the opportunity to meet our team and see our offices.

We can provide you with general guidance but will not provide any personal advice in this meeting. It takes time and thought to personalise financial or retirement advice effectively. The goal of our initial meeting is for us to do a deep dive into your situation and your retirement goals. We want you to get to know us and ask all of your questions. Most people tell us they find this initial meeting extremely useful in understanding where they stand in terms of their retirement and next steps.

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