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Brand Financial was created to do things the right way.

We've been paving the way for independent financial advisers for more than a decade now.

When our Founder and Director, Justin Brand, came onto the financial planning scene, the industry was rife with mistrust. People were getting ripped off left, right, and centre – in fact, it was such a big drama that there was a Senate Inquiry into ASIC and a Royal Commission leading to some much needed legislative changes. 

One issue back then was that most financial advisers worked for large financial institutions and pushed their products. Advisers also took payment from various sources other than from their clients. It wasn’t clear what people were being charged or what service they should expect from their financial adviser. That’s where Brand Financial came in. 

Our Vision

Brand Financial was created to lead the way in ethical financial planning.

Our vision still rings true today.

Justin had a vision for Brand Financial: to lead the way in doing things right. He wanted to show the rest of the industry that it was possible to have a financial planning business that was both profitable and ethical.

Eventually, some legislation was updated to meet the same standards we’d already been working to. But that doesn’t mean our vision doesn’t still ring true. There’s still plenty the financial planning industry has to do.

Today, we’re still constantly striving to do what’s right, not just what’s legal. Brand Financial is here to create a sense of security for our clients and to guide you toward your next step.

Our Mission

To use our depth of experience to understand what financial success means to you, and then help you get there.

Our Values

Here's how we do it


We are about making things fairer. We are not afraid to speak up publicly if we think things are not right. And we lead by example.

Strategies over products

Financial products, like superannuation and insurance, are important but they're only a small piece of the puzzle. We value well-considered strategies over products any day of the week.

Self Empowerment

Financial planning isn't about making you feel dependent on us. It's about us empowering you through relevant education and providing insight into the financial world. We want to level the playing field.


We don't believe in affiliating ourselves with specific financial products or organisations. By staying independent, we make sure we're offering you the best. The unbiased best.

Independently Minded

We challenge the status quo. We try doing things differently to see if there's a better way.

Big Picture

We seek to understand the wider world outside your day-to-day finances. And we have the breadth and depth of experience to understand how to get the most out of your situation.

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