We work for you, not the banks.


We're an independent mortgage broker.

Buying a house? Onto your next investment? Or just ready to refinance?

No matter the reason, it’s exciting! Even more exciting, though, is partnering with an independent mortgage broker. At Brand Financial, our financial advisers, accountants, and mortgage brokers are independent. It means your best interests are our best interests, and we work for you, not the bank.

We work on a flat fee, not commission from the bank.

A lot of mortgage brokers will partner with a variety of banks and lending institutions who will pay them commission – that’s how they make a living.

And while most brokers do an excellent job, we don’t think their pay should go up or down based on the amount of debt you take or the lender you choose.

We do things differently. Our independent mortgage brokers aren’t affiliated with any financial institutions. We charge a fixed fee, and this can work in two ways. The first is: you pay our fee upfront, then as the banks start paying us a commission, we’ll forward it to you. The second? You don’t pay our fixed fee upfront, and we gradually take it out of that commission, stopping once it’s paid in full. A fixed fee ensures our pay is not impacted by what loan we recommend. And, a commission refund can help you pay out your loan faster. 

Get better bang for your buck, no matter where you are in your journey

First Home Loans

Your first home? That’s huge! We’d love to help you find a loan that’s right for you. Have a question along the way? We’ll be here for you: fixed rate, variable, principle and interest – we’ll explain it all.

Investment Property

Just because you’ve done this before doesn’t mean you can’t do it better this time around. Find the right loan for your next property with our independent mortgage brokers.

New Build & Renovation

Looking to build new? Ready to renovate your home? What a big and exciting step. Our independent mortgage brokers can help you find the right loan structure for your project.


As a team of financial advisers and mortgage brokers, we recommend reassessing and refinancing your home loan regularly to avoid overpaying for your loan.

Lower Rates & the right debt structure

Get the right mortgage support and get out of debt faster.

The right mortgage for you depends on your circumstances. There’s no such thing as an all-around best loan. It depends on your deposit, your cashflow, and your ability to make additional payments or keep a well-stocked offset account. Our mortgage brokers want to give you the very best, so we’ll spend time getting to know you so we can exceed your expectations.

By thoughtfully selecting your loan type and debt structure, you can potentially save thousands of dollars over the course of your loan.

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The Perks

Why choose Brand Financial for your mortgage?

We work for you, not the banks.

We're not affiliated with any banks or financial institutions. We always work in your best interest, not ours, and not the banks.

We're setting a new benchmark

We're the only Australian independent financial adviser that is also an independent mortgage broker.

The partners to create wealth & peace of mind for you.

A big part of our service is helping you work towards financial security, freedom, and peace of mind. From the advice we provide you with to the loan we find you – it's all premium.

We'll forward the commission onto you

The bank will pay us a commission for as long as you lend through them. We're independent and work on a fixed fee, so we'll just forward the commission to you.

Have a question about mortgages?

Our standard fee is $4,400 (incl. GST) per loan. Our fee may increase with the complexity of your situation and your requirements.

Subsequent loans on the same application will cost less, usually $3,300 (incl. GST) or less per loan.

We’ll provide a quote for your fee after we gather some initial information about you and your needs. This fee will be provided in a Credit Quote, before we start working with you.

Our fee could be higher than $4,400 (incl. GST) in circumstances where your requirements are more complex or require more time. Here are some examples:

  • Self-employed applicants
  • Construction loans
  • Bridging finance
  • Multiple credit approvals (due to expiration of an approval or changes in circumstances)
  • Urgent loans
  • Multiple securities or splits

You will be able to see the expected upfront and ongoing commission for your specific loan in our Credit Proposal Disclosure, once we are in a position to recommend a loan.

Commission refund example:

Loan size: $700,000

Upfront commission: $4,550 (based on 0.65% of loan)

Trailing (ongoing) commission: $1,050 p.a. (based on 0.15% of loan)

If you discharge or pay out your loan, any trailing commission will cease, along with your refund.

If your expected upfront and ongoing commission will not cover our fee within 2-3 years, then we may not take you on as a client.

If you manage to pay out or need to refinance your loan, and we do not receive enough commission to fund our fixed fee, then we may ask for the additional amount.

You have two different options here:

1. Pay our fee upfront when you have formal loan approval and receive 100% of any upfront commission after clawback (we explain what this is in a couple of questions’ time) and 100% of any ongoing commission.

2. Allow us to deduct your fee from the commission we receive after settlement and receive 100% of any remaining upfront commission after clawback and 100% of any remaining ongoing commission.

Once our fee is paid or covered, we refund:

Upfront commission: after the lender’s clawback period ends (we explain clawback in the next question).

Ongoing commission: on a monthly basis, starting within a few weeks of settlement (as we start to receive it).

If the upfront commission doesn’t quite cover our fee, we’ll use your ongoing commission to meet the remaining fee amount and then commence refunding the ongoing commission in full after that point.

If you pay your fee in full upfront, then you start receiving ongoing commission as we start to receive it (a few weeks after settlement).

Clawback is a period (usually 18 months) where a lender will ask for a return of any commission they have paid if you payout or refinance your loan during this period. Clawback is designed to cover the lender’s costs if you do not hold the loan long enough for the lender to recoup the costs of establishing the loan, including paying a broker.

We will disclose the clawback period of the recommended lender when we recommend your loan.

You may end up selling your property, receiving an inheritance or a redundancy payment, and decide to payout your loan shortly after getting finance. When this happens, the bank will come looking for their commission, and we don’t want to become debt collectors if we have already passed that commission on to you. We’ll keep this amount safe for you during this period.

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